TDF Duct Hand Folder Machine
TDF Duct Hand Folder Machine

TDF Duct Hand Folder Machine

TDF hand folder is suitable for small to medium volume workshops with special design of folding blade can bend different size of square air duct. 

Locking system has two different types with Cam Lock and Gear Lock.

Specially designed folding tool for quick folding of TDF flanged air ducts.

The handwheel controls the upper knife to fix the sheet to be folded.

Folding tool made of special alloy die steel.

Folding tool is processed with high precision to ensure the straightness of bending.

Manual folding without hydraulic or pneumatic power requirements.

Model WS-1.5X1300TDF WS-1.5X2000TDF WS-1.5X2500TDF
Material Sheet Galvanized sheet Galvanized sheet Galvanized sheet
Material Thickness 1,5mm 1,5mm 1,5mm
Folding Width 1300mm 2000mm 2500mm
Min Folding Size 200X200mm 200X200mm 200X200mm
Dimension 1850X710X1400mm 2600X710X1400mm 3100X840X1520mm
Weight 415kg 605kg 800kg




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