Duct Hydraulic Folding Machine

Duct Hydraulic Folding Machine

Hydraulic folding machine saving your labor cost and increasing production efficiency for duct folding process in HVAC duct fabrication.

With special design on folding blade which is convenient for locating the galvanized sheet with TDF, drive cleat joint flange or other type of connection joint and then fold them without any touch or damage.

Electrical sensor can be adjusted for detecting folding degrees to make sure the correct right angle folding on duct body.

Touch screen for easy operation.

The frame adopts full steel welding structure with enough hardness and rigidity. It also has been heated processed and highly frequently vibrated.

Model YC-1.5X1250TDF YC-1.5X1500TDF YC-1.5X2000TDF
Material GI Sheet GI Sheet GI Sheet
Thickness 1.5mm 1.5mm 1.5mm
Length 1250mm 1500mm 2000mm
Dimension 1.5X1.0X1.45M 1.8X1.0X1.45M 2.2X1.0X1.45M
Weight 900kg 1200kg 1500kg

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