Flat Cleaning Robot K5
Flat Cleaning Robot K5

Flat Cleaning Robot K5

Cleaning flat air duct is a big mountain of the project.

In the cleaning project of central air conditioning, a large number of flat air ducts with height less than 30cm are often encountered, and the general engineering treatment condition is not to clean them directly. The K5 of colligate is a cleaning robot developed for flat air duct.

Use with vacuum equipment:The equipment can be used in combination with gaolijie K7 and K8. The equipment is controlled by the visual console, equipped with powerful front and rear light sources, 5-megapixel high-definition camera, and memory that can record long-term video. Able to work for a long time, only one person can operate the equipment of the whole cleaning system. Directly reduce the time of manual operation, enhance the efficiency of the project, and the time saved can provide customers with the time space to invest in the new project again, so as to make the profit of the cleaning team to a higher level. It can provide more intelligence for the professional cleaning team to realize the project and optimize the cleaning brand image and professionalism.

Robot parameters
Body material: stainless steel
Overall dimensions: 380*210*110mm
Weight: 9.8kg
Console power: 180w
Charging voltage: AC110-250V
Single acting power: 80w
Work travel: 20 meters
Robot work: 24V
Driving mode: Servo analog signal
Travel speed: 4-5m / min
Movement mode: 2 * 2 drive (strong permanent magnet double track)
Lighting: 2 * 3W astigmatic strong light LED lighting
Camera: Industrial color wide-angle waterproof camera
Display mode: 10.2-inch color HD LCD HDM
Video storage: 60g SSD can record up to 20h (expandable) storage format mp4 avi (expandable function)


Box controller: 360*270*187mm
Weight: 7kg
Wired remote control: DC low voltage
Display mode: 10.2-inch color HD LCD HDM
Voltage: 24V
Cable weight: 6.5kg
Theoretical speed
of  brush: 100 rpm
Theoretical usage
 times of brush: 1000W times
Robot power: 80W
Cable weight: 6.5kg
Vacuum tube length: Standard 10m
Climbing angle: 45 degrees
Obstacle crossing height: 20mm

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