Duct Seam Closing Machine

Duct Seam Closing Machine

Duct seam closer HFJ-12 is used with DUCT AUTO LINE, TDF TRANSVERSE FLANGE DUCT MACHINE or TDC TRANSVERSE FLANGE DUCT MACHINE and PITTSBURGH LOCK MACHINE. The ideal duct connection includes united joint and right-angle side. The duct seam closer HFJ-12 works out with the seam of high quality without help of other auxiliary connecting tool.

Suitable for different length air ducts seam closing.

High stability and high speed improve work efficiency.

Simple machine operation steps.

Touch screen control to switch between manual and automatic modes.

The hydraulic system works stably and lastingly.

Customized voltage.

Model HFJ-12
Material Galvanized steel sheet
Thickness 0.5-1.2 mm
Minimum Duct Size 100*100 mm
Maximum Duct Size no limited
Seam Closing Speed 20 m/min
Seam Closing Length 1000-1500 mm
Support Arm Length 1500 mm
Power Capacity 3.5 kw
Size 1200*1970*2290 mm
Weight 800 kg

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