Round Duct Flange Forming Machine

Round Duct Flange Forming Machine

Round duct flange forming machine is for the efficient and high capacity production work on the HVAC spiral and round duct fabrication.

Round duct flange forming machine composes with coil strip uncoiler, right angle roll former, three vertical roller section bender, hydraulic cutter, hydraulic working station and electrionc control system.

Uncoiler asisting the uncoiling of coil materil for feeding into the roll former for cold roll forming the strip to right angle profile, eight stations of roll forming device making sure the right angle profile formed preciously.

Three vertical rolls for section bending the right angle profile to circular or round flange, different diameter of circular flange can be produced by adjusting the forming position of rolls.

Hydraulic cutter cutting off the formed flange automatically to finish the whole working sequance.

Another hydraulic puncher asisting to press and punch the connection holes on the round flange for screw connection of spiral or circular HVAC duct body.

High-precision work surface ensures roll forming accuracy.

Reasonable and compact machine design, easy to operate.

The maximum load-bearing capacity of the unloading rack reaches 2 tons.

Eight stations of rolls forming 90 degree flange.

Three sets of horizontal forming rolls straight flanges into circles.

Hydraulic cutter cuts off rolled duct flanges.

Flange hydraulic cutter is adjustable for cutting freely according to the diameter of flange.

Computer sets flange diameter.

After the round flange is formed and welded, the flange hole can be punched.

Model YFL-40
Material GI steel, mild steel
Material Thickness 1.8-4 mm
Material Width 45-80 mm
Mini Diameter 200 mm
Max Diameter 2000 mm
Feeding Speed 15 m/min
Main Power 7.5 kw
Flange Hole Punching Manual control
Machine Dimension 4300x800x1500 mm
Decoiler Dimension 1400x700x1000 mm
Weight 2600 kg

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