Duct Round Elbow Welding Machine

Duct Round Elbow Welding Machine

Steel round duct elbow welding machine is widely used for the fabrication of the thick thickness round duct elbow connection with material stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized steel. The thickness of ducts from 1.2mm to 2.0mm or even thicker are used normally in special air exchange and ventilation environments such as underground mines, hospital fresh air exchange, metro ventilation, and ventilation duct exposed outside near to high salt and easy to corrode environments. The welding can be realized by MIG or a laser welding system.

High-precision welding table ensures welding accuracy.

Computer set welding elbow diameter.

Two-axis welding hands ensure welding accuracy.

The two-axis positioner fixes the two sections of the elbow and rotates to ensure that each point is welded firmly.

The positioner can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the diameter and length of the elbow.

High quality MIG welding machine or laser welding machine can be configured according to customer needs.

Multi-axis simultaneous work ensures no dead ends and welding accuracy and quality.

Model XMW2080
Welding Diameter Range φ200-φ800 mm
Maximum Welding Speed 12 mm/s
Control Axis 6
Repeatability ±0.1 mm
X Axis Stroke 1430 mm
Y Axis Stroke 600 mm
Z Axis Stroke 450 mm
U Axis Stroke 90 mm
V Axis Stroke 370 mm
A Axis Stroke 900 mm
Programing Self programing on touch screen
Clamping Pneumatic clamping
Welding MIG or laser welding
Total Power 15 kw
Weight 1200 kg
Dimension 2600X2240X2200 mm

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