Duct Flange Forming Machine

Duct Flange Forming Machine

Duct right angle steel flange punching and cutting machine is specially designed for fabricating right angle flange cut to length and hole punching. The product is used for rectangular duct connection with right angle flange on big size and special use. By PLC program setting, the machine is able to feed and cut the length as required, punch the holes for flange and duct body connecting.

Reasonable and compact machine design, easy to operate.

High-precision work surface ensures cutting and punching accuracy.

Computer control and set feeding length.

The computer sets the number of punches and the spacing between the holes.

Servo motor drive feeding to ensure the accuracy of feeding and punching position.

High-speed servo motor feeding to ensure feeding speed.

Simultaneous punching of flange connection holes and duct connection holes.

Double punches work synchronously to ensure punching position accuracy.

Model JG-05
Right Angle Thickness 2.0-5.0 mm
Right Angle Size 30X30mm, 40X40mm, 50X50mm
Feeding Length 40-5980 mm
Servo Motor 0.75 kw
Power Motor 7.5 kw
Machine Dimension 3600x850x1250 mm
Weight 1200 kg

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