Steel Sheet Roll Slitting Machine

Steel Sheet Roll Slitting Machine

This roll cutting machine is suitable for roll cutting down sheet materials to any desired width with fast cutting speed and high precision. Simple and practical machine design with long service life and easy maintenance.

Slitting rolls made of high quality alloy die steel.

Needle roller bearings are suitable for high-intensity work.

Durable wear-resistant transmission gear.

Two-way switch controls feeding and discharging.

High quality power motor.

High-strength machine support frame.

Universal movable casters for easy transfer of machine.

Customized request voltage.

Model LQ-15
Working Material Galvanized steel
Slitting Thickness 0.5~1.5 mm
Slitting Roll Diameter 382~782 mm
Slitting Speed 10 m/min
Power Supply 1.5 kw
Dimension 1600*6200*1035 mm 
Weight 300 kg

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