Fan Housing Flanging Machine

Fan Housing Flanging Machine

Fan housing flanging machine is used for the production of fan products, ventilation duct products, and other similar products, and can be applied to different materials, diameters, thicknesses, and heights. Product flanging, crimping, punching to size, and other production steps.

Customize different diameter fan housing tensioning molds.

Hydraulic tensioning requires flanging products.

Four corner support roller holding flanging products.

High hardness die steel material flanging roll.

Switch between manual and automatic modes in the control system.

Optional hole punch function.

Optional hemming function.

Model TFB
Material Galvanized steel, Stainless steel
Thickness 1.5-2.0 mm
Flanging Size ≤30mm
Working Dia 300-1000 mm
Working Height 270-1000 mm
Working Efficiency 20-45 S/pcs
Power Capacity 8.5 kw
Size 1600*1500*1300 mm
Weight 900 kg

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