Duct Auto Line AML-III

Duct Auto Line AML-III

Duct auto line AML-III is designed for small to medium volume workshops and is used to work with the coiled metal with weighting up to 6 tons, thickness up to 1,2 mm and minimal duct size 160×160 mm and maximum 2500×2500 mm.

The machine provides high efficiency production of straights air-ducts. The production process can be managed by only one operator. The quantity and the parameters of the required products are inserted directly through the touch screen of the controller with a convenient and easy to manage interface.

The maximum load-bearing capacity of the inner support rack is 7000kg.

The number of unloading decoiler is customized according to customer.

Motor-driven material uncoiler to automatically discharge and receive material coil.

Machine control material uncoiler synchronous feeding.

The width of the machine is customized according to the width of the processing material.

Coated rollers pinch the sheet feeding into the 9-roller leveling device.

Rexroth servo driver and motor for precise feeding of sheets.

The hand wheel adjusts the depth of the beading and grooving.

The shape of the grooving is customized according to customer requirements.

Panasonic PLC for all working sequances control.

Hydraulic punch for following duct pittsburgh lock and TDF flange forming.

High wear-resistant blades for high precision and strength cutting.

High precision and repeatability of air duct bending.

Highly sensitive touch screen for programming.

Arbitrary selection for rectangular duct, L duct and U duct folding in program.

The size and number of air ducts can be freely set in program.

High-strength machine support frame.

Customized request voltage.

Working Material Galvanized sheet
Material Rhickness 0.5-1.2mm
Max.Coil Width 1000~1250mm
Max. Coil Weight 7000kg
Inner Dia of Coil 508mm
Outer Dia of Coil 1300mm
Punching for TDF Flange Yes
Punching for Pittsburgh Lock Yes
Flat Sheet Speed 15m/min
L Duct Piece Forming Speed 15-30s/pcs
Square Duct Forming Speed 20-45s/pcs
Cutting Length Tolarance ±0.5mm/m
Cutting Degree Tolarance ±0.8°
Bending Length Tolarance ±1mm/m
Bending Degree Tolarance ±0.5°
Max.Duct Size 2500*2500mm
Min.Duct Size 160*160mm
Power Supply 10kw
Dimension 10*1.8*1.6m
Weight 5000kg

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