Round Duct Flange Welding Machine

Round Duct Flange Welding Machine

Duct round angle steel flange welding machine is for the efficient and high capacity production work on the HVAC spiral and round duct fabrication.

Round angle steel flange welding machine composes with the clamper for fixing the two sides of round angle steel and the welder do the welding at those sides to connect them.

Compact machine design and small operating space.

Vertical pneumatic cylinder control clamps tightens flange ports that require welding.

The horizontal pneumatic cylinder pushes the clamp to make the flange welding part fit.

All mechanical operations on machine are operated by foot switch padel.

Welding current and time can be adjusted in the controller.

Model DH-40
Welding Thickness 1.8-4 mm
Mini Welding Angle Flange 25x25 mm
Max Welding Angle Flange 40x40 mm
Main Power 100 kw
Machine Dimension 750x600x2100 mm
Weight 550 kg

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