Duct Beading Machine
Duct Beading Machine

Duct Beading Machine

Duct grooving and beading machine for duct beading forming. It is light to be moved to construction to produce duct. Five or seven veins grooving machine is used to strengthen sheets, it forms several strengthened veins on the air conditioning duct or metal sheet at same time to make the duct or sheet.

High straightness processing bead roll.

Adjust the height of the beading and grooving by hand wheel.

High load-bearing work table.

Needle roller bearings are suitable for high-intensity work.

Durable wear-resistant transmission gear.

Two-way switch controls feeding and discharging.

High quality power motor.

High-strength machine support frame.

Customized request voltage.

Model G1.5x1250-5 G1.5X2000-7 G1.5X2500-7
Max. Thickness 1,5mm
Transmission Chain
Control Normal electric control
Power SAupply 2.2kw 3kw 3kw
Dimension 1680X860X1260mm 2500X860X1370mm 2970x860x1370mm
Weight 800kg 1000kg 1370kg




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