Panbox Hand Folder

Panbox Hand Folder

Panbox folder or Panbrake is widely used for the pressing and turnovering work of the armor plate , colored metals, stainless steel plate with length 2.5m, thickness less 1.5mm. It’s the formed processing equipment for the chests, ducts of home appliances, stainless steel kitchenwares,

air-condition equipments.etc. The machine is entirty operated by hand , with orientation structure , can volume-produce workpiece which has fixed

angle and especial shape. The bottom blade is fixed, top blade is impacted , top blade is impacted , then use the theory of table-flap upgrade to fold. In the whole

course , workpiece and blade won ,t work oppositely and impactively , the surface of workpiece will be unknited and glabrous , it’s specially suitable

for the high cultured workpiece.

Extended fingers allows bending of pans or boxes to a depth of 230mm

Quick head adjustment mechanism to suit your material thickness

Ground segmented fingers can be repositioned to suit many applications

Heavy duty steel fabricated frame provides accurate bends

Safety top beam support stop lever located on right side of machine

Grease nipples located on all rotating parts

Quick action beam adjustment for varying material thickness

Removable individual bending fingers for pans or boxes

Mild steel capacity is rated on hot rolled material with 250MPA


Bending Thickness


Bending Length






MP-2X1250 2.0 1250 1820X620X1300 980
MP-2X2440 2.0 2440 2960X800X1470 1530




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