The Differences Of Bending Machines And Press Brakes And Its Applications

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For most sheet metal users, an edge bending machine is not a replacement for a bending machine, but a good complement to a bending machine. This allows you to selectively complete the most suitable bending process on the edge bending machine or bending machine.

At present, the main structures of edge bending machines are single edge bending beam structure, C-port edge bending beam structure, independent servo-driven double edge bending beam structure and other forms to meet different application requirements. The form of crimping beam is also divided into reversible crimping beam double-knife structure and single-knife mouth structure, with automatic tool changer and rotary shift and feed device to realize semi-automatic or fully automatic production.

The Main Features of Press Brake

press brake

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1, large workpiece requires multiple operators

2, bending will produce indentation

3, bending size error accumulated to the last bending

4, the need for different tools to respond to different bending requirements

5, bending accuracy and material thickness related

6, bending quality and the operator’s technical level

7, large and heavy workpiece bending process there are security risks

8, bending tools are relatively easy to wear

9, parameter setting and adjustment is more difficult, can not simulate the bending effect

10, bending machine to complete certain bending process is more difficult

11, the material under the size of the material is not accurate may lead to material waste

12, bending accuracy is not enough, for the subsequent welding and grinding to bring greater workload

13, more than one bending machine to complete a workpiece bending different processes

14, the use of hydraulic systems, bringing more maintenance work

The Main Features of The Bending Machine


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1, large workpiece requires only one or two people to operate

2, for surface-sensitive materials completely free of indentation and creases

3, in the first folding edge to correct the size of the plate under the material, control the size of the inner space accurately  

4, a pair of universal edge bending machine tool to cope with most of the bending needs

5, bending angle accuracy and material thickness independent

6, no skilled bending staff, bending accuracy by the equipment itself to ensure

7, large plates are lying flat processing, no need to support the material, eliminating safety hazards

8, up to 20 years of service life of the bending beam and crimping beam tool

9, graphic Chinese control system, the whole simulation of bending effect, what you see is what you get  

10, bending machine to complete certain processes is very simple, such as: round arc, bottom bending, etc.  

11, the size tolerance of the lower material to the unimportant edge, to compensate for the deviation of the lower material size  

12, high-precision bending for the subsequent welding and grinding to reduce man-hours

13, with the flip crimp beam and up and down bending function, a machine to complete all bending processes  

14, The bending machine adopts all-electric drive system, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload.

Application Scenarios of The Bending Machine

Bending machine is mainly used in the following scenarios: (1) large plates: more than 2 meters or single person bending difficult to position and ensure the accuracy of the plate. (2) Heavy plates: more than 30 kg. (3) Surface requirements without damage: pre-painted plates, stainless steel, aluminum plates, etc. (4) High dimensional and angular accuracy requirements: to meet the subsequent welding accuracy requirements. (5) Multi-species and small batch using common tools a. A machine to complete all processes. (6) The arc bending, drawn that is obtained. (7) need to meet the JIT production model. (8) product quality: the boss does not have to look at the face of the operating staff.

Folding Machine Working Principle

The main working principle of the folding machine is as follows: (1) folding machine for the plate flat on the work table, the backstop is designated by the position, the pressure edge beam tool pressed against the plate, the folding beam tool to achieve upward and downward turning action. (2) The folding machine consists of four main parts: backstop table, crimping beam, bottom beam and folding beam.

Folding Machine Application Analysis

(1) the difference between the principle of folding and bending. (2) Different benchmarks for spreading diagrams. (3) The difference in bending size accuracy. (4) The bending angle accuracy is different. (5) The problem of scratch damage to the material surface. (6) the requirements of the technical level of workers. (7) Tool configuration. (8) Tool life. (9) Operating position. (10) Different drive systems.

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