3 Sorts of Sheet Metal Processing Equipment Details

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  • 2024-01-30
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Sheet metal cutting equipment

  • CNC Shearing Machine : Used for cutting thin metal plates, can automatically cut out the required shape according to the design drawings.
  • Laser Cutting Machine : Uses a high energy laser beam for cutting, which can accurately and quickly complete the cutting task of various shapes.
  • Plasma Cutting Machine : Also cuts thin metal sheets quickly and improves productivity.

Pressure moulding equipment

  • Presses : These are used to mould thin metal sheets to make body parts of various shapes.
  • Hydraulic Press : Used to press thin metal sheets to make them into specific shapes.
  • Bending Machines : Used to make sheet metal into a desired shape by bending it.
  • Press Brake : Used to further process the curved portion of a sheet metal.

Welding equipment

  • Gas Shielded Welding : For joining body parts after moulding.
  • Laser welding : Uses a laser beam to improve the quality of the weld.
  • Resistance welding : The welding process is realised by current conduction.

Other related equipment

  • Pneumatic tools: e.g. air compressors, sanders, etc., used to provide power and support daily operations.
  • Sheet metal pushing and pulling machine : Used for pressing concave, stretching and other machining processes on flat plates.
  • CNC bending machine: E`quipment that combines mechanical, electronic, hydraulic and computer technologies to automatically complete a variety of bending and bending processes.

The selection and use of the above equipment should be based on specific processing needs and technical conditions to ensure the quality and efficiency of processing. These tell us that the processing of sheet metal chassis cases is highly competitive and replaceable in the electronics, household appliances and furniture markets.


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