What Materials Are Used For Air Conditioning Ducts?

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If you want to make sure that the air conditioning can run properly, you must first install the air conditioning ventilation pipe, so what material is used for air conditioning ventilation pipe? The following and small make up to learn it.

I. Air conditioning ventilation pipe with what material

General can use composite materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, galvanised materials, if the user pays more attention to environmental protection, then you can choose to use polyurethane cool materials, if the user wants to save installation costs, then you can choose to use phenolic materials of the pipeline, but the market is currently using the most composite materials and galvanized materials, of which the friends of Shanghai and Guangzhou prefer the use of composite materials, while the Beijing user prefers to use galvanized materials. like to use galvanised materials. Air conditioning specific what materials should be used, there is no mandatory provisions, we had better according to the actual installation environment and the actual model of air conditioning to make reasonable arrangements.

Note: There are many kinds of materials for air conditioning ducts, different materials, their connection and installation methods will be different, if the use of galvanised materials, you need to wrap a layer of thermal insulation on the outside, and should use the pressure strip or flange for connection. If you do not know how to choose the material, it is best to consult a professional.

II. What to pay attention to when installing air-conditioning ventilation ducts ?

1. When connecting the fan and air conditioning duct together, a soft connector should be installed in the air inlet and outlet position, and the end size of the soft connector should be the same as the size of the fan’s import and export. There are generally two kinds of soft joint materials on the market, respectively, synthetic leather, canvas, and the length of the hose should generally be more than two hundred millimetres, as for the degree of elasticity must be kept appropriate, so as to effectively cushion the vibration produced by the fan.

2. During installation, the number of elbows should be reduced as much as possible, if it must be installed, then the corner radius can not be too small, and should also try to avoid the phenomenon of pipeline midway change of pathway, otherwise it is easy to lead to the loss of pressure along the course of the pressure is increased. In addition, can not cause damage to the load-bearing structure, if you need to go through the wall, then the hole gap must be filled with elastic material.

The above is a detailed introduction to what materials are used for air conditioning ventilation ducts and what to pay attention to when installing air conditioning ventilation ducts, and I hope it can help you answer the doubts in your mind. If you want to know more related knowledge, you can continue to pay attention to us.

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