Basic Knowledge of HVAC Ducting

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The thickness and specification of HVAC ducts are variable according to the requirements. Usually, when connecting, the ends of the ducts are always connected to fittings (e.g. elbows, reducers). Generally, HVAC ducts are not grooved at both ends and come with seals. Air conditioning duct is a new type of duct produced by advanced machinery in one go, made of metal materials, including galvanised sheet, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, etc. It is mainly used in the ventilation system of air conditioning industry, and is widely used in homes, buildings, factories, ships and large shopping malls.

1. Scope of Application

HVAC ducts have a wide range of applications. Purification system air supply and return duct, central air conditioning ventilation duct, industrial air supply and exhaust ventilation duct, environmental protection system suction and exhaust duct, mining gas extraction pipe, mining rubber coated fabric duct, etc..

2. Product Advantages

1、Good sealing.
2、Good strength and rigidity.
3、Low ventilation resistance, low ventilation noise, round pipe is better than square pipe.
4、Easy installation of HVAC piping, fewer connection points.
5、High grade and beautiful appearance.

3. Features

Mainly include the following aspects:

  1. Easy and quick installation;
  2. Long pipe diameter, reduce barging, save consumables;
  3. No vortex zone, more quiet and comfortable air supply;
  4. Mechanical production, high standard, excellent quality;
  5. Mechanical on-site production can be manufactured according to the required size, which is convenient to realise scientific connection.

4. Technical Parameters

1、Material: stainless steel (sus201 or sus304)
2、Pipe diameter: Ø100-Ø2300mm
3、Length: conventional 4m/section (can be customised upon request)

To sum up, HVAC tubing has very obvious advantages in the ventilation industry. METMAC, as an industry expert, is ready to welcome your enquiry and provide professional knowledge.


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