What is Pipeline and Hvac Air Duct Seismic Bracing System

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The seismic bracing system must pass the performance test and certification of professional third-party testing agency, the production, layout and installation of the seismic bracing system meet the standard requirements. The seismic bracing system of each installation must be able to maintain the building’s mechanical and electrical equipment firmly and reliably, be able to withstand horizontal shaking of earthquakes. We need to know that the seismic utility in different directions should be borne by the seismic bracing in different directions, and the seismic utility in the horizontal direction should be borne by the seismic bracing in two different directions. Therefore, pipeline and HVAC duct seismic bracing must use scientific seismic force to achieve inspection, meet preset requirements, and successfully achieve scientific and economic integration.

Frame Seismic Bracing and Hanger

Seismic bracing and hanger composed of two or more load-bearing hangers, beams and seismic diagonal braces. Where do you need to use seismic bracing and hangers? According to “Code for Seismic Design of Building Mechanical and Electrical Engineering”.

1.0.4 Stipulates that the electrical and mechanical engineering of buildings in areas where the seismic design intensity is 6 degrees and above must be designed for earthquake resistance.

3.1.6 Stipulates the Content of Evacuation Passages

1. Equipment with gravity greater than 1.8kN in the suspended pipeline and HVAC air duct.

2. Accident ventilation and high-rise buildings above DN65.

3. Rectangular heat exchange station greater than or equal to 0.38 square meters and circular diameter Duct system of 0.7m or more.

4. For piping with cross-sectional area of inner diameter greater than or equal to  gravity greater than or equal to 150N / m.

3.1.8 Stipulates that the pipelines and HVAC ventilation air duct of the building’s electromechanical engineering process passing through the seismic bracing layer shall adopt flexible connections or other methods, and seismic fortification shall be provided on both sides of the seismic isolation layer.

What is Pipeline and Hvac Air Duct Seismic Bracing System Stipulates that anti-vibration measures should be taken when the straight line length of gas pipeline air conditioning HVAC ventilation units and domestic water supply risers in areas of 8 degrees and 9 degrees is more than 50m; when the linear length is more than 100m, anti-vibration measures should be taken.

How to Do Seismic Bracing Construction Plan

Seismic bracing is a seismic support system with seismic force as the primary load. It is aimed at a seismic bracing measure that can transmit the seismic effect of pipelines and equipment to the structure when encountering an earthquake of fortified intensity.

Seismic bracing is a support system that is firmly connected to the pipeline and HVAC duct, trough system and equipment of a building structure that has been designed for earthquake resistance. The seismic force is the main load. The original general meaning of the bracing and hanger system is the support of gravity as the main load. System, the settings of these two bracing systems are not repeated but complementary. Huang Qiaojun from the Institute of Architecture, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan used the shaking table of the earthquake test bed to simulate the spray pipeline of a parking lot in Puli Town, Nantou County, and concluded that: 5~10 times, effectively improving the seismic performance of the pipeline system and HVAC duct system.

There are many types of seismic bracing that are the same as load-bearing supports and hangers. The main ones are: single-pipe seismic bracing, portal multi-pipe seismic bracing, electrical system pipelines seismic bracing, air duct seismic bracing, and integrated pipelines. Seismic bracing and hangers, and equipment seismic bracing and hangers, etc.

The seismic bracing is composed of anchors, reinforced booms, diagonal braces and seismic connection members. The distance between the node of the suspension screw and the pipeline shall not exceed 0.1m from the node of the diagonal brace and the pipeline, and the screw shall be reinforced as needed. If two opposite rigid seismic bracing are set up at the same position, the suspension screw can be omitted. Considering the seismic load, the suspension screws and structural anchors of rigid seismic bracing need to be enlarged in size, and the maximum bearing capacity of the screws and anchors must be more than the calculated seismic force.

What is Pipeline and Hvac Air Duct Seismic Bracing System

How to Do Seismic Bracing Installation

1. During installing the air duct anti-seismic bracing, first find out the installation position of the boom according to the center line of the air duct. The single-pole boom is on the centerline of the duct, and the double-pole boom can be installed symmetrically according to the centerline of the duct. According to the spacing requirements of the HVAC duct seismic bracing system, draw the specific installation position of the boom. Determine the installation height of the boom according to the elevation of the HVAC duct. When the air duct is long and many brackets need to be installed, the hangers at both ends can be installed first, and then the brackets at both ends are used as the reference, and the elevation of the middle bracket is determined by the cable method for installation.

2. The installation of HVAC air duct anti-seismic bracing on the wall, and the ducts laid along the wall are often fixed by brackets. When the bracket is installed, the elevation of the circular duct is based on the elevation of the axis of the duct, and the elevation of the rectangular duct is based on the elevation of the bottom of the duct. Draw the position line of the upper surface of the bracket beam according to the elevation of the air duct, and then determine the specific position of the bracket according to the spacing requirements of the air duct bracket, then fix the weight of the bracket on the wall. The method of fixing can be embedding method, planting method, expansion bolt method and nail shooting method, etc. The specific construction methods are related to the installation of pipeline brackets.

3. During installing the HVAC air duct anti-seismic bracing, the main duct pipe and the branch duct pipe can be connected in advance on the ground. According to the hoisting situation and the air duct pipe connection, the length of each straight duct pipe is about 10m. Gaskets should be added between the flanges, the bolts and nuts connecting the flanges should be on the same side. Before installation, check whether the supports and hangers are firm and accurate. When working at high altitude, the rope for hoisting the air duct pipe should be tied firmly, and the air duct pipe should be firmly connected with the accessories and leveled and fixed by the bracket before being loosened. The vertical duct can be hoisted and connected from the bottom to the top. After installation, use a wire hammer to align it.

What is Pipeline and Hvac Air Duct Seismic Bracing System

Seismic Bracing Channel Roll Forming Machine

Seismic bracing channel roll forming machine is for the effective production of seismic bracing channel product for the assistance of seismic bracing system installation.

The machine consist of galvanized strip coil uncoiler, material servo feeder, leveler, power press machine including punching mold for the holes punching in channel, cold roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting off device and product stacker.

Uncoiler for the strip material uncoiling, the servo feeder feeding the galvanized strip into the cold roll forming machine after the leveling by flatting leveler, the feeding length is programed by PLC controller to make sure the correct position of punching holes in channel, the power press machine produce the certain holes by step punching sequence, strip material after punching feeding into cold roll forming machine for profile forming then cutting off with certain length required and stacking.

The seismic bracing channel roll forming machine insures the continually working on the channel efficient production.

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