Delve Into Some Types of CNC Machine Tools

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Table of Contents

  1. CNC lathe
  2. Turning centre
  3. CNC milling machine
  4. CNC copy milling machine
  5. Machining centre
  6. CNC drilling machine
  7. CNC boring machine
  8. CNC coordinate boring machine
  9. CNC grinding machines
  10. Grinding centre
  11. CNC insertion machine
  12. CNC combined machine tools
  13. CNC gear processing machine tools
  14. Hobbing machine
  15. Gear shaping machine
  16. Gear grinding machine
  17. Numerically controlled electrical machining centres
  18. EDM forming machine
  19. CNC laser processing machine
  20. CNC presses
  21. CNC shearing machine
  22. CNC bending machine
  23. CNC pipe bender
  24. CNC coordinate measuring machine

CNC machine tools are one of the most notable symbols of mechatronics equipment, which greatly improves processing efficiency and reduces the intensity of personnel operations. Engaged in various types of machining friends will come into contact with a variety of different types of CNC machine tools, but do you know? Commonly used machine tools are about 20 kinds of large categories, small categories of types of about 40 kinds. Now, look at the list of machine tools have you used ?

1. CNC lathe

There are horizontal and vertical. Among them, the chuck horizontal lathe control mode for the point, straight line, for processing small disc parts, the use of four-square tool holder or turret frame; top horizontal lathe control mode for the contour, for processing discs, shaft parts, the bed has a horizontal, vertical and oblique points, the use of four-square tool holder or rotary tool magazine.

Vertical CNC lathe with contour control for machining large continuous control disc parts with turret tool holders.

2. Turning centre

The control mode is contour, 3~7 axes or multi-axes, concentrating the process of turning, drilling, milling, and even grinding, etc. There are power tools on the rotary tool changer, some have more than one rotary tool changer, and some have a sub-spindle, which can be processed on the back side to realize the comprehensive processing of parts; it is the fastest-developing CNC machine tool with the fastest technology development outside of the drilling, milling, boring, and machining centres, and the fastest changes of the structure, function, and new products are continuously launched, which is the construction of the FMS It is the ideal machine for building FMS.

3. CNC Milling Machine

There are vertical, gantry type. Vertical CNC milling machine control mode point position, linear, contour (multi-axis linkage), milling, forming milling (can also be drilled, tapping thread), manual tool change.

Gantry CNC milling machine control mode point, linear, contour (multi-axis linkage), for processing large, complex shape parts, manual tool change.

4. CNC copy milling machine

There are vertical and horizontal. The control mode is contour (multi-axis linkage), used for processing concave and convex moulds, manual tool change.

5. Machining centre

There are vertical, horizontal, vertical and horizontal spindle automatic switching type, spindle tilt controllable type, other types. Drilling, boring, milling, thread machining, grooving in the hole; five-sided machining; a variety of forms of tool magazines; sub-machine tool changer; tiltable table with round table, a variety of forms of tool magazines, machine tool changer; round table can be switched from vertical to horizontal; side-mounted round table can be up and down to facilitate chip removal; breakthrough in the traditional structure of six-rod machining centre and three-rod machining centre.

6. CNC Drilling Machine

There are single and double working tables. The control mode is point, linear, can drill, ream holes, tapping thread; two fixed table, one for processing, the other for loading and unloading parts; linear tool magazine.

7. CNC Boring Machine

There are vertical and horizontal. The control mode is point, linear, for processing box parts, drilling, boring, milling, manual tool change.

8. CNC Coordinate Boring Machine

There are vertical and horizontal points. The control mode is point, straight line, used for processing hole distance requirements of high box parts, drilling, boring, milling, manual tool change.

9. CNC grinding machines

Sub-surface grinding machine, internal and external cylindrical grinding machine, universal grinding machine, centreless grinding machine, special grinding machine, the control mode is point, straight line, contour. They are used for rough and fine grinding of plane surfaces, mirror surface grinding, profile grinding after wheel dressing; automatic correction of grinding wheels, etc.; centreless grinding machines are used for direct grinding without pre-trucking and centreless profile grinding; special grinding machines are used for screw grinding machines, spline grinding machines, crankshaft grinding machines and camshaft grinding machines.

10. Grinding centre

The control mode is point, linear and contour, which is used to realise automatic change of external and internal grinding wheels (or automatic up and down of parts) on the machine tool of universal grinding machine.

11. CNC Insertion Machine

The control mode is contour, used for machining shaped columnar parts.

12. CNC combined machine tools

There are CNC sliding table, CNC power head combined machine tools and automatic change box combined machine tools. Control mode for the point, linear, combined machine tools, automatic line operation is reliable, adjustment, change products quickly; parts fixed (or indexing) automatically change the multi-axis box to complete a variety of parts processing.

13. CNC gear processing machine tools

There are hobbing machine, gear shaping machine, gear grinding machine. Control mode for the linear, tooth shape into a movement.

14. Hobbing machine

In the gear machine can cut straight teeth, helical cylindrical gears, but also can be processed worm gears, sprockets and so on. It is a gear processing machine that uses hobbing tools to process straight, helical and herringbone cylindrical gears and worm gears according to the spreading processing method. This machine can also process various special tooth shapes such as spline and sprocket when using special hobbing tools. The machining accuracy of ordinary hobbing machine is 7~6 levels (JB179-83), and that of high-precision gear machine is 4~3 levels, and the maximum machining diameter is 15m.

15. Gear Shaping Machine

It is a gear processing machine tool that uses a gear shaper to process internal and external straight and helical cylindrical gears, as well as other toothed parts, according to the spreading method. Gear shaping, shaping knife to do up and down the kingfisher cutting movement, at the same time with the workpiece to do the relative rolling.

Gear shaping machine is mainly used for processing multiple gears and internal gears, plus accessories can also be processed rack. The use of specialised tools on the gear shaping machine can also process non-circular gears, incomplete gears and internal and external forming surfaces, such as square holes, hexagonal holes, wear key shafts and so on. The machining accuracy can reach 7~5 levels (JB179-83), and the maximum diameter of the workpiece can reach 12m.

16. Gear grinding machine

Divided into form grinding, worm grinding and spreading grinding.

17. Numerically controlled electrical machining centres

There are wire-cutting machine tools, electric discharge machine tools.
Wire-cutting machine tool control mode for the contour (multi-axis linkage), processing moulds, samples, etc., sub-fast-wire and slow-wire wire-cutting machine tools. Fast-feeding wire-cutting machine tools cutting speed, surface roughness is slightly worse than slow-feeding wire-cutting machine tools.

18. EDM forming machine

Controls are point and linear, with CNC forming of concave and convex dies for easy adaptive control.

19. CNC Laser Processing Machine

Depending on the function, there are different categories, such as drilling, cutting, scribing, heat treatment welding, milling, laser layered mould making. More types of control methods, such as point, linear, contour, 3D robot and so on.

In the professional processing capacity than other mechanical processing equipment depth capacity. Such as deep holes can be punched, high precision cutting, welding of various metals, milling precision and so on.

20. CNC Presses

The control mode is point, straight line and contour, which is used to punch round, square, rectangular and anisotropic holes for plates and thin profiles.

21. CNC Shearing Machine

Controls are point and linear for shearing materials.

22. CNC Bending Machine

The control mode is point, straight line, for bending and forming.

23. CNC pipe bender

The control mode is continuous control (multi-axis linkage), for a variety of oil pipe, conduit bending.

24. CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

The control mode is point, continuous control, used for precision measurement of parts size, positional accuracy, or scanning with a probe to generate parts processing procedures.

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