Water Gutter Roll Forming Machine
Water Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Water Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Rainwater gutters, cornices, cornices, or surface water collection channels are an integral part of a building’s drainage system. It is necessary to prevent water from dripping or running off the roof in an uncontrolled manner for several reasons: to prevent water from damaging walls, soaking people standing under or entering the building, and directing water to areas where it will not. A suitable disposal site for damage. the foundation of the building. In the case of flat roofs, water removal is essential to keep water out and prevent excessive buildup. Our machines are officially used in production steps such as forming and manufacturing different rain gutter products.

Machine includes decoiler, roll former, cut off and stacker.

Automatic roll forming to the product.

Automatic length setting and cutting off.

High quality material built roll formers.

Material Color Steel Coil
Thickness 0.5-0.6mm
Production Speed 10m/min
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