C Channel Roll Forming Machine

C Channel Roll Forming Machine

Economical machine design to meet the production needs of small to medium sized plants. The machine has a small footprint, does not require a foundation and can be quickly connected to start production. The machine includes a discharge frame, hydraulic punching, hydraulic station, roll forming machine and pick-up platform.

Single cantilever retractable uncoiler with a maximum load of 2 tons

Servo feeding and leveling device ensures feeding punching accuracy and roll forming quality

The material of the forming wheel is die steel, after heat treatment to increase the hardness

Chain or gearbox drive ensures that each forming wheel works synchronously

25-40mm side support plate is sturdy and durable

High-quality needle roller bearings ensure transmission

Hydraulic die shearing ensures that the shear port is sheared without deformation

The cylinder controls the stacking device to receive and unload the product

Whole machine occupies small area, easy to be set up  and operated

Model 30X20 40X38
Material GI sheet, cold rolled sheet GI sheet, cold rolled sheet
Working thickness 1,0-1,5 mm 1,0-1,5 mm
Forming extension width 75 mm 128 mm
Inner diameter of material roll φ508 mm φ508 mm
Roll forming station 17 17
Roll shaft dia φ58 mm φ58 mm
Side plate thickness 30 mm 30 mm
Working speed 1~7 m/min 1~7 m/min
Power supply for roll forming 7.5 kw 7.5 kw
Power supply for hydraulic system 7.5 kw 7.5 kw
Hydraulic pressure 14 MPa 14 MPa




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