Performance Characteristics Of Ventilation Ducts In Air Conditioning And Ventilation Systems

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With the continuous improvement of the economic level, the status of HVAC ventilation engineering in the industry is also gradually aggravated. In the selection of ventilation materials, materials with light weight, energy saving, sound dissipation and better fire resistance are usually chosen as the leading materials for ventilation ducts. As the requirements for ventilation ducts in building HVAC systems vary, ventilation ducts of various materials are emerging and the corresponding technology is gradually being developed and advanced. With the continuous development and progress of science, various new processes and materials have emerged to create ventilation duct materials that are more in line with the requirements of modern HVAC systems. ( More details to click picture below )


1-Fire Performance

The main material of the fire resistant Super Duct is glass fibre wool board, which has a certain degree of incombustibility. The Super Duct is manufactured by laminating glass wool fabric and aluminium foil on both sides of a non-combustible glass fibre board to create a duct. The ducts made from this material and process are non-combustible and have good fire resistance. Although inorganic glass and galvanised iron ducts are both non-combustible materials, the insulation in the ducts made from this material may not be non-combustible, so the ducts made from this product are not yet stable and cannot be widely used.

2-Anechoic Performance

Super ducts with muffling properties, whose walls are made of porous sound-absorbing material, have a good sound-absorbing effect on all frequencies of sound, and are a powerful pipe muffler for noise generated by the operation of air conditioning equipment. However, inorganic FRP ducts and galvanised tin ducts require additional mufflers, both of which do not have muffling properties.

3-Damp-proof Performance

The outer surface of the Super Duct is covered with aluminium fabric, which is highly resistant to corrosion. At the same time, there are no perishable and moisture-prone materials or components in the ducts. As the ducts are in a humid environment for a long time, glass fibre board is used as the water absorption of the material is less than 2% and the porous material prevents the ducts from being soaked with water for a long time.

As galvanised iron is prone to rusting and moisture, it will be seriously damaged when transmitting wetter air-conditioned air, especially at the bite of the iron where the corrosion will be more serious, and it is not easy to deal with, thus reducing the service life of the whole air-conditioning system.

4-Air Leakage Volume

The relationship between air leakage and the length of the duct and the degree of airtightness should be taken into account in the specification of the duct and should be calculated in accordance with the relevant air volume percentages. For the production process of super ducts, the main process is slotting, tenoning and finally gluing for connection, and finally sealing with aluminium foil tape to reduce the air leakage.

5-Construction And Installation

In terms of construction and installation etc., galvanised iron ducts are of heavier quality, with relatively long production and installation cycles and a cumbersome modification process when changes are required in their orientation. Moreover, a larger space should be reserved around it for the installation and operation of the holding layer, which leads to an unattractive appearance of the HVAC system and increases the difficulty and cost of installation for the muffler. Composite wave fibre board ducts are relatively light in quality, easy to install and have both thermal insulation and muffling effects in one, and where modifications are required, reasonable changes can be made according to site conditions.

The exterior can be painted with colourful paints to achieve a harmonious effect with the surrounding environment according to your preference. Because of its quick installation and light weight, it is more in line with the development trend of modern HVAC systems and is more suitable for modern high-rise buildings. As the super duct is not a rigid material, it should be stored in accordance with the relevant requirements during the construction process, and the relevant staff must comply with the relevant national standards in the construction to avoid losses.

To sum up:

Through the use of composite glass fibre as the material of the duct, it has the function of fire prevention, sound dissipation and moisture resistance, etc. The material not only has stable performance, its relatively low price can save certain costs for HVAC projects. For different applications on different occasions, super ducts have certain application value, their material is relatively light and it is easier to modify them, easy to construct and easy to assemble. At the same time, the ducts have a high cost performance ratio and a relatively long working life. Through the development and research of new materials and processes for ventilation ducts, it is possible to find better ways to meet market requirements and comply with market trends, thus seizing business opportunities.

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