Essential Accessories for Your Plate Bender Machine

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Plate bending machines are indispensable tools for shaping and fabricating metal plates. To enhance the functionality and efficiency of these machines, a range of essential accessories are available. By incorporating these accessories, you can expand the capabilities of your plate bender and achieve precise and efficient metalworking results.

Hydraulic Press Brakes

With a hydraulic press brake, you can control the bending force precisely, allowing for accurate and consistent bends. These accessories come in various tonnage capacities and sizes, enabling you to handle different metal thicknesses and lengths.

Rotary Shear

A rotary shear is an ideal addition for cutting metal plates before bending. The rotating blade system provides a clean and precise cut, ensuring precision in subsequent bending operations. Rotary shears are available in different capacities and can accommodate various metal thicknesses and widths.

Bending Rolls

Bending rolls are designed for cylindrical bending operations. They consist of three rollers that guide the metal plate through a gradual bending process, resulting in smooth and uniform bends. Bending rolls are suitable for forming large-diameter cylinders, pipework, and other curved shapes.

Angle Bending Tools

Angle bending tools are essential for forming precise angles in metal plates. These accessories allow you to create precise bends at specific angles, ensuring accurate and repeatable results. They are available in various angle ranges and can be easily adjusted for different bending requirements.

Die Sets

Die sets are critical for shaping and forming complex bends. They comprise upper and lower dies that create a specific bending profile in the metal plate. By using different die sets, you can achieve intricate bends, such as U-shapes, V-shapes, and other complex geometries.

Safety Guards

To ensure operator safety, plate benders should be equipped with safety guards. These guards protect the operator from potential hazards during machine operation, particularly when working with sharp metal edges or heavy loads.

Other Accessories

In addition to the essential accessories mentioned above, there are other useful items to consider for your plate bender machine. These include:

material support arms: prevent the material from slipping or moving during bending

foot pedals: provide hands-free operation for increased efficiency

digital readouts: display bending angles and other parameters for precise control

software: enables advanced programming and automation for repetitive bending operations

By investing in these essential accessories, you can optimize the performance of your plate bender machine, enhance your metalworking capabilities, improve accuracy and efficiency, and maintain a safe working environment.

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