What are the Different Types of Round Duct Machines Available?

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Round duct machines are essential tools for the fabrication of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. These machines form and shape sheet metal into cylindrical ducts, which are used to distribute conditioned air throughout buildings. With various types of round duct machines available, identifying the most suitable option for specific applications is crucial.

Manual Round Duct Machines

Manual round duct machines are operated by hand and are ideal for small-scale applications. They consist of a pair of rollers with adjustable spacing and a mandrel that supports the sheet metal as it passes through the rollers. The rollers are rotated manually to form the sheet metal into a cylinder, and the mandrel prevents buckling or distortion. Manual round duct machines offer a cost-effective option for sporadic use.

Power Round Duct Machines

Power round duct machines are equipped with electric motors to rotate the rollers, providing higher productivity and accuracy compared to manual machines. They are available in various capacities and configurations, with larger models capable of handling thicker sheet metal and producing ducts of larger diameters. Power round duct machines can be semi-automatic or fully automatic, offering varying levels of automation for increased efficiency.

Automatic Round Duct Machines

Automatic round duct machines combine the power and accuracy of power round duct machines with advanced automation features. These machines utilize computer numerical control (CNC) systems to automate the entire duct fabrication process, including loading, forming, cutting, and welding. Automatic round duct machines offer precise and consistent results, minimizing waste and increasing productivity.

Spiral Round Duct Machines

Spiral round duct machines are specialized in producing ducts with a spiral seam. The machine rolls and forms the sheet metal into a cylindrical shape while simultaneously welding the seam. Spiral round duct machines are ideal for long, flexible ducts, as the spiral seam provides additional strength and flexibility. They are commonly used in applications where space is constrained or flexibility is required.

Oval Round Duct Machines

Oval round duct machines are designed to form sheet metal into oval ducts. These ducts are commonly used in applications where aesthetics or space constraints are a concern. Oval round duct machines are capable of producing ducts in a range of diameters and oval shapes, offering flexibility in design and installation.


The selection of the appropriate round duct machine depends on the specific application requirements, including duct size, material thickness, production volume, and desired level of automation. Manual round duct machines provide a cost-effective option for small-scale operations, while power round duct machines offer increased productivity and accuracy. Automatic round duct machines enhance efficiency with CNC automation, while spiral round duct machines are suitable for long, flexible ducts. Oval round duct machines offer flexibility in design and installation for applications with space constraints or aesthetic considerations. Understanding the different types of round duct machines available enables HVAC professionals to make informed decisions and optimize their duct fabrication operations.


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