Careful Selection Of Protective Lenses For Laser Cutting Heads

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  • 2023-05-06
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The cutting head of the laser cutting machine is used in a very harsh environment, so in order to protect the internal optical path and core components, especially the collimation and focusing mirror and other expensive components, the cutting head are installed with upper and lower protective lenses, the cutting process of the workpiece surface generated by dust and spatter, if the cutting head into the focusing mirror will cause serious damage, and the lower protective lens can block these dust and spatter.

 Laser protection lens selection

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The cleanliness of the protective lens directly affects the processing performance and quality of the laser cutting machine. If the lens is dirty, it will not only affect the cutting effect and efficiency, but will further cause the internal parts of the cutting head and the laser output head to burn, so first of all, you need to use a protective lens with good material, high light transmission and small coefficient of thermal expansion, and when the lens is dirty during processing, it needs to be cleaned or replaced.

The processing of protective lenses has special technological requirements, from the selection of the base material, processing accuracy, surface defects, plating, stability, mechanical properties (specific gravity, brittleness, tensile and compressive strength, hardness), the process of preparation of the material, a barren fold, sand hanging, grinding, core taking and coating all have different processing requirements, and the finished product is produced after a strict quality inspection before being launched on the market.


In order to reduce costs, inferior protective lenses are made of ordinary substrate materials, with no guarantee of the coating process, poor light transmission, not heat resistant, easy to break, unable to withstand the penetrating force of the laser, resulting in the lens blowing holes, the powder particles of the broken lens will contaminate the entire cutting head, thus making the core high-value components, including focusing mirrors, sensors, etc., damaged, the repair cost will be as high as 20.50% of the price of a new cutting head, and delay the end This can lead to greater economic losses due to delays in production and processing.


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