Plasma Cutting Consumables

Plasma cutting consumables, as the name suggests, are a set of replaceable consumable components in a plasma cutting machine that need to be replaced over time due to natural wear and tear and the high temperatures of the plasma arc. All of the plasma cutting consumables can be found inside the cutting torch where the plasma energy is focussed. Specific parts that need to be replaced include electrodes, plasma cutting nozzles, swirl rings, shield caps, and retaining caps. Tracking wear and tear is a critical part of keeping efficient machines cutting well and having a long lifespan.

MAXPRO200 Consumables

220491 Maxpro200 HSD130 130A Sheild S.jpgMild Steel130A220491ShieldRequest a Quote
220528LL HSD 50A Electrode S.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum50A 50A 50A220528ElectrodeRequest a Quote
220831 Maxpro200 200A Nozzle S.jpgMild Steel200A220831NozzleRequest a Quote
220832 Maxpro200 Hypro 2000 200A shield S.jpgMild Steel200A220832ShieldRequest a Quote
220891 Maxpro200 HT2000 50A Nozzle S.jpgMild Steel50A220891NozzleRequest a Quote
220892 Maxpro200 HT2000 130A Nozzle S.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum130A220892NozzleRequest a Quote
220937 200A MAXPRO Electrode S.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum200A220937ElectrodeRequest a Quote

HSD130 Consumables

220530 HSD 50 50A NOZZLE S.jpgMild Steel50A220530NozzleRequest a Quote

HPR260/130 Consumables

220179 HPRXD 130A  Swirl ring S.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum80A 130A 80A 130A 130A220179Swirl RingRequest a Quote
220176 HPR 130A CAP S.jpgMild Steel Aluminum80A 130A 45A220176Nozzle Retaining CapRequest a Quote
220181 HPRXD 130A Electrode S.jpgMild Steel130A220181ElectrodeRequest a Quote
220182 HPRXD 130A NOZZLE S.jpgMild Steel130A220182NozzleRequest a Quote
220183 HPRXD 130A Shield S.jpgMild Steel130A220183ShieldRequest a Quote
220187 HPR130A 80A Electrode S.jpgMild Steel80A220187ElectrodeRequest a Quote
220188 HPR 130 80A Nozzle S.jpgMild Steel80A220188NozzleRequest a Quote
220398 HPR 260A Cap S.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum130A 200A 260A220398Shield CapRequest a Quote
220435 HPRXD 260A ELECTRODE S.jpgMild Steel260A220435ElectrodeRequest a Quote
220439 HPRXD 260A NOZZLE S.jpgMild Steel260A220439NozzleRequest a Quote
220440 HPR 260A Shield S.jpgMild Steel260A220440ShieldRequest a Quote
220542+ 260A Nozzle S.jpgMild Steel260A220542NozzleRequest a Quote
220646+ 130A Nozzle S.jpgMild Steel130A220646NozzleRequest a Quote

POWERMAX45 Consumables

220669 Electrode S.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum15-45A220669ElectrodeRequest a Quote
220671 45A Nozzle S.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum15-45A220671NozzleRequest a Quote
220818 200.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum15-85A220818ShieldRequest a Quote
220713 Retaining Cap S.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum15-45A220713Retaining CapRequest a Quote

POWERMAX105 Consumables

220992 200.jpgMild Steel105A220992ShieldRequest a Quote

POWERMAX125 Consumables

220971 200.jpgMild Steel30-125A220971ElectrodeRequest a Quote
420158 200.jpgMild Steel45A420158NozzleRequest a Quote
220975 200.jpgMild Steel125A220975NozzleRequest a Quote
220976 200.jpgMild Steel65-125A220976ShieldRequest a Quote

POWERMAX1000/1250 Consumables

120926 electrode S.jpgMild Steel40A 60A 80A120926ElectrodeRequest a Quote
220006 Nozzle S.jpgMild Steel40A220006NozzleRequest a Quote

HPR800/400/260/130XD Consumables

220741 HPR2600XD 260 A Sheild bevel S.jpgMild Steel260A220741ShieldRequest a Quote
220742 HPR130XD 130A Sheild bevel S.jpgMild Steel80A 130A220742ShieldRequest a Quote
220637 200.jpgMild Steel Stainless Aluminum80A 130A 200A 260A 400A220637Shield CapRequest a Quote





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