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Why is deburring essential?

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:04/01/2021

If there are burrs on the sheet metal parts, it is very dangerous. Firstly, it will increase the risk of personal injury; secondly, in the downstream processing process, it will endanger the quality of the product, affect the use of the equipment or even shorten the service life of the equipment. In this article, we will introduce you how to remove burrs with the help of advanced deburring equipment (Figure 1) to help you reduce production costs and improve processing efficiency.



Why must burrs be removed?

Whether it is punching, laser cutting or plasma cutting, these processing procedures will form sharp edges and burrs on the surface of the sheet metal parts. Especially during plasma cutting, slag (a mixture of oxide and metal residue) will stubbornly deposit on the edge of the part. No matter which cutting method is used, it is very important to deburr the cut sheet metal parts. The reasons are as follows.

Deburring reduces the risk of injury

Sharp edges and burrs are very dangerous. Workers are easily scratched during operation. In severe cases, they will affect the smooth progress of the work. Adding the deburring and rounding process (Figure 2) on the one hand can improve the safety of the working environment and reduce downtime costs; on the other hand, it can ensure the safety of personnel in various processes in the production chain, and the risk of personal injury is almost zero.



Deburring can improve the quality of the product

Burrs are not only dangerous to people, but also to tools and machines. Such as bending machine or roller leveler, if the parts of these machines often come into contact with the sharp edges and burrs on the sheet metal parts, the abrasion will be accelerated, and severely will directly lead to the suspension of production. Therefore, sheet metal deburring and rounding is an important process to protect tools and machines, extend their service life and reduce maintenance costs.

Manual deburring has reached the limit of economic efficiency

When deburring sheet metal parts, many companies still rely on manual operations. For example, let some experienced workers use brushes or angle grinders to remove edges, burrs and splashes. The main disadvantages of this method are: labor intensity is large, processing time is long, and the processing effect is not highly consistent, and continuous and efficient processing cannot be guaranteed. Under this circumstance, many companies will face the continuous increase of working hours and cost pressure, and the multiple challenges of increasing surface quality requirements for sheet metal parts in the industry. Nowadays, the demand for deburring and rounding of 0.5mm thick sheet is not uncommon (Figure 3), which is why more and more companies are beginning to look for alternative manual deburring methods.



Sheet metal deburring machine can reduce production costs

Enterprise investment in a deburring machine can be repaid in a short period of time. The use of modern deburring equipment is four times faster than manual deburring. It only takes 500 operating hours and 1500 working hours to use the deburring machine to achieve a return on investment. To meet this point, users will get higher permanent profits.



User real case

Take the town of Lichtenau in Germany as an example. The use of deburring machines helps companies achieve higher production efficiency. The town is the headquarters of Eisen-und Stahlhandel Straub, which processes 4,000 tons of materials per month. Its core business includes cutting and crimping steel bars and other cutting, drilling, and sandblasting processes.

Previously, four employees used angle grinders to remove burrs several millimeters thick on sheet metal parts. It took three days to complete the task of deburring 1,000 parts. The cost of personnel and equipment is as high as thousands of euros per year. At the same time, the company is facing increasing pressure on time and quality. Production Manager Simon Straub explained: “Our customers always ask us not only to provide consistently high-quality parts, but also to get these parts as soon as possible. We are looking for a solution that allows us to react quickly and flexibly to Meet these requirements. Of course, quality cannot be compromised.

The deburring machine introduced by Eisen-und StahhandelStrsub can achieve deburring and rounding in a few seconds. The equipment uses a swinging roller to remove burrs. At the same time, the cross belt device uses abrasive belts to grind off the sharp edges. The two processes of deburring and rounding can be completed in just a few seconds.