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The Steel H Beam Straightening Machine

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:12/17/2019

The steel H beam straightening machine is specially used for welding H-shaped steel straightening equipment. The main drive rollers and upper pressure wheels are made of high-quality alloy steel and heat treatment process is performed to ensure the service life. The machine is simple to operate and easy to learn.

After the rolled product comes out of the rolls, it is often bent, and during cooling and transportation, it will also be deformed and warped. In order to obtain a flatter steel plate, it needs to be leveled by a straightening machine.


The straightening machine is arranged behind the main rolling mill and the normalizing furnace. Rolled and heat-treated steel plates are conveyed by rollers to a straightening machine for correction. The correction temperature is generally between 650 ° C and 800 ° C. The number of corrections is determined according to the thickness of the steel plate and the amount of deformation. Generally, 3 to 5 corrections are made. The thickness of the steel plate is small, and the number of correction passes is small. If the steel plate is thin and the deformation is large, more correction passes are required.

When the steel plate enters the straightening machine, the unit force of the upper and lower work rolls on the steel plate exceeds the yield stress of the steel plate in this state, causing the steel plate to undergo plastic deformation and elastic deformation during the correction process. The original unevenness of the steel plate was obtained, and a flatter steel plate was obtained. When straightening a steel plate, water is cooled in the straightening roller. [1]

1. The correcting wheel uses solid bearing steel. After high frequency heat treatment, it is ground and hard chrome plated. After being corrected by this machine, it is smooth and smooth without indentation, and does not damage the surface of the material.

2. This machine can be used alone, and can be used together with MT-type and MTD-type automatic feeding racks, with good results

3. This machine adopts large air cylinder to press the material, and the synchronous adjustment adopts synchronous worm gear and worm adjustment. The handle rotates once, and the upper correction wheel only drops 1mm for fine adjustment.

4, high rigid mechanical structure, high horsepower output. Can be used for high-speed and stable feeding, improve production efficiency, and extend the service life of equipment.