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The Green Design of HVAC in Public Building Projects

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:07/06/2021

Abstract: The quality of indoor environmental, energy conservation and energy use are closely related to HVAC. In the design phase, indoor environmental quality is determined by the design parameters, and the thermal performance of building envelope and HVAC system directly determines the design of energy-efficient and energy use in green buildings. In this paper, preliminary study has been discussed in the HVAC design for green building project to provide some design guidance in HVAC. In order to save real energy in HVAC design, energy-efficient HVAC equipment isn't only need to be chosen in projects, but also reasonable system design and the building envelope thermal performance with the architect should be considered. Meanwhile the use of renewable energy is needed to be based on the situation of project and the local conditions, renewable energy should not be ill-used.




1 Green buildings and building energy efficiency

Green building is to save resources (energy saving, land saving, water saving, material saving), protect the environment and reduce pollution to the maximum in the whole life cycle of the building, provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient use space, and be in harmony with nature Symbiotic architectural recess. Indoor environmental quality, energy conservation, and energy utilization are closely related to the HVAC profession. In the design stage, indoor design parameters determine the indoor environmental quality, while the thermal performance of the envelope structure and the design of the HVAC ventilation system directly determine the green building Energy conservation and energy use in China. Building energy efficiency has broad and narrow energy conservation. In my country, the connotation of building energy efficiency refers to improving the efficiency of energy use in buildings and achieving the goal of reducing energy consumption. Today, energy conservation is a basic national policy. The current "Energy Conservation Law of the People's Republic of China", "Regulations on Energy Conservation of Civil Buildings" and "Design Standards for Energy Conservation of Public Buildings" have raised energy conservation to a national level. The most important part of green buildings is energy conservation and energy utilization. Therefore, the design of HVAC and ventilation systems is one of the most critical aspects of green building projects.