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Summary Of Fresh Air System

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:10/28/2020

1 What is fresh air system?

The fresh air system is to pass the fresh air fresh air is processed and sent into the room, passing through the air outlet, exhaust air duct and fan exhaust indoor dirty air; at the same time, ensure the stability of indoor pressure.


2 What is the use of fresh air?

The fresh air has the effect of purifying the air without opening the window, which can reduce the amount of hazardous substances and harmful gases ensure the oxygen content of indoor air, which is beneficial to health.


3 What are the types of fresh air?

Commonly used fresh air units for home improvement have one-way flow, self-balance, two-way flow, and full thermal exchange.


4 How much power consumption?

The power consumption component of the fresh air unit is the motor of the fan, which is equivalent to the power consumption of the fan. The power consumption of home improvement fresh air units is generally below 100. The wind volume of the unit the greater the power consumption.


5 How about the noise?

The noise of household fresh air fans is generally 30-40 decibels. High, medium and low three gears. In the middle, high-speed noise is the largest and low-speed is the smallest.


6 How big is the machine used for fresh air and how to calculate?

It can be calculated in two ways:

(1) Ventilation frequency: The ventilation frequency of home improvement is generally selected from 0.75-1 times.

(2) Per capita fresh air volume: 30-50 cubic meters of fresh air per person per hour. example


For example: -15 square master bedroom, 2.5 meters high, calculate the hours according to method 1.

The fresh air volume is 15251=375 cubic meters. When calculating according to method 2, the number of people in the master bedroom is calculated as 2 people, and the hourly fresh air volume required is 2*30=60 cubic meters

Two calculation results, choose the larger one as the selection basis, that is, every room

It needs 60 cubic meters of fresh air per hour. The remaining rooms are also calculated according to this method, each

The sum of the total air volume of the room is less than or equal to the maximum air volume of the selected fresh air unit.