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Pipes and plates fiber laser cutting machine

Pipes and plates fiber laser cutting machine


Professionally cutting square pipes, round pipes, rectangle pipes, D-shaped pipes and hexagon pipes etc. Cutting capacity- square pipes: 20*20-150*150mm, round pipes: Φ20-Φ219mm, thickness 0.5-5mm carbon steel pipes, 0.5-5mm stainless steel pipes.


Professionally cutting 0.5-20mm carbon steel, 0.5-10mm stainless steel, 0.5-8mm brass, 0.5-10mm aluminum, 0.5-4mm copper, as well as galvanized steel, electrolytic steel and silicon steel etc (thicknesses are related to the kinds of materials and fiber source power)


pipes and plates fiber laser cutting machine
pipes and plates fiber laser cutting machine
pipes and plates fiber laser cutting machine
pipes and plates fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting of metal is one of the most common types of laser processing. In the process of laser processing of metal, cutting occurs by melting the material and removing the evaporation products from the cutting zone by blowing with oxygen (steel), air, nitrogen (stainless steel, aluminum alloys, copper alloys).

The use of methods of laser cutting metal in the production of blanks and finished parts allows you to meet the requirements of the drawing with high accuracy, reduce the cost of manufacturing products by reducing and eliminating such operations as cutting, cutting, milling,

The equipment for laser processing of metal has the following advantages:

High quality of the technological process
The maximum output is good (special software allows you to cut a sheet with the maximum coefficient of material use)
When processing metal with laser cutting, there is no need for rigid mechanical fastening of the workpiece due to the absence of static or dynamic influences.
Metal cutting is carried out with the help of focused radiation

The laser cutting machine of metal can be used for the production of a wide range of products, for example:
parts for machine-building production
parts for commercial equipment, stands, shelves, shelves for all purposes
parts for cabinets and cabinets and furniture for various purposes
stencils, signs, letters, templates
elements for decorative products
elements of the modern interior, etc.

Technical parameters




Processing Area


3000X1500 (optional)

Laser power



Max. moving speed



Max. acc. speed



Positioning Accuracy



Reposition Accuracy



Whole machine weight



Machine dimensions




After sales service

We not only apply ourselves to develop the new products and improve our products’ quality, but also build a quite perfect after sales service network all over the world and supply more convenience and better service for our customers.

We supply the foundation fig of the machine’s installation but not constructing. We take charge of the machine’s installation and adjustment if you supply the lifting equipment and necessary conditions. Please let us know the list of accessories before the machine leaves the factory.

1. When the machine is finished, we will inform you to inspect the machine in our factory. After your inspection and acceptance, the machine will be shipped.

2. During installing the machine, we supply free training and technical consultation service, buyer be in charge of accommodation, flight and daily salary of technician.

3. The final acceptance of the machine is done in you place according to the signed agreement and relative technical files.

4. We guarantee for product’s maintenance, change and return after sales for one year. In this period, we can change the damaged parts for free if not your responsibility (not including easily worm parts). After this period, we can repair the machine for you only taking the basic charge.