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METMAC Air-conditioning Air Outlet

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:08/12/2021

METMAC air outlet, the air-conditioning air outlet refers to the indoor air outlet of regular height, that is, double-layer louvered air outlet and diffuser, the air-conditioning air outlet generally adopts double-layer louvered air outlet or diffuser, and the long-distance air supply in the hall adopts swirling flow outlet or spherical outlet.



With the development of science and technology and industrial economy in recent years, there is an increasing demand for aluminum alloy welded structural parts. The electric air curtain machine is a outlet made of aluminum alloy. There are many types of outlet materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy. ABS and so on. Supply of electric air curtain installation is widely used in theaters, classrooms, concert halls, libraries, amusement halls, theaters, lounges, general offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums and other places. The price of the electric air curtain is supplied, and the price of each model is different with different sizes. It is divided into aluminum alloy double-layer louver outlet, aluminum alloy single-layer louver outlet, aluminum alloy fixed strip outlet, aluminum alloy self-hanging louver outlet, aluminum alloy diffuser, aluminum alloy spherical adjustable outlet, aluminum alloy swirl outlet, Aluminum alloy egg grille air outlet, aluminum alloy ceiling inspection opening inspection door, aluminum alloy Xinhua air outlet new inspection opening, aluminum alloy door hinge type air outlet, aluminum alloy exterior wall rainproof.