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Industrial robot automation design and integration solution

Industrial robot automation design and integration solution

METMAC assists you on various types of robot system integration, industrial automation equipment and production lines, logistics delivery systems, three-dimensional storage systems, etc., involving all aspects of industrial production: stamping, bending, forging, casting, welding, grinding, polishing, spraying, assembly, stacking, Loading and unloading, etc. 


duct grooving machine
duct grooving machine
duct grooving machine
duct grooving machine





Robot welding station descriptions

1,The three-axis positioner is suitable for welding workpieces with welds around; the 360-degree axial servo motor is free to rotate and positioning welding in the all-round precisely.

2, Three-axis positioner double-station structure design allows the welding process and loading, unloading the workpiece at the same time and in the same position area with advantage of reducing labor intensity and improving work efficiency.

3, Convenient to pick and place tooling, easy for accurate positioning; using precision manual clamping device to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy during taken and placed of workpiece.

4, The robot stores multiple programs simply, practically, versatility; easily calling the pre-commissioned program for welding after replacing the program.

5. Manually loading and unloading the workpiece by worker, automatically welding by robot; one ordinary worker be cable to guard multiple sets of robot welding stations.


Sample of welding



Workstation lay out