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Industrial robot application in elevator fabrication

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:02/22/2021

The elevator industry often uses long workpieces like channel steel as supports or structural reinforcement. Previously, customers used traditional sawing machines to cut long workpieces, and drill bits where needed to be drilled. Because the cutting surface is very rough, an additional polishing process is required, which not only takes time and effort, but also the accuracy and appearance cannot be well controlled. With the continuous development of the industry, traditional craftsmanship has gradually been unable to meet customer needs. Therefore, the customer hopes to have a set of equipment that can cut and cut the workpiece at one time, without the need for subsequent processing procedures, and at the same time improve production efficiency.


Since there are many types of customer's workpieces, the size and length are inconsistent, and there are also some special-shaped workpieces, they cannot be processed by traditional laser pipe cutting machines. The conventional robot 3D cutting processing range is relatively small. If the moving track is added to move the workpiece, the equipment occupies a very large area, which is difficult for customers to accept.


(1) Considering the versatility of the equipment required by customers and the effect of cutting, METMAC uses a robot sitting and walking mode, plus an IPG laser and a three-dimensional cutting head, as shown in Figure 1. This program focuses on the speed and accuracy of the robot track, whether the robot's working range can meet the customer's workpiece, and the guarantee of the consistency of the workpiece by the tooling on both sides.



(2) The workpiece is placed on both sides of the track and made into double-station processing, which can realize the cutting and cutting of long workpieces, as shown in Figure 2. The double-station design saves the time of loading and unloading, and the processing efficiency is significant improve.



(3) In this plan, we used the YRLV10-12000mm high-precision walking axis (Figure 3) of YRLV10-12000mm high-precision walking axis (Figure 3), which meets the customer's requirements for load weight of 210kg and workpiece processing length of 12m while ensuring the accuracy of mass production. . The reserved space on both sides of the tooling base is equipped with pneumatic compression to prevent the deformation of the workpiece and the cutting effect will be worse.


(4) For this project, we use FANUC M-20iB robot with arm span 1853mm, which can cut long workpieces with a width of 1000mm. The optimal processing area range of the formal robot is as follows.



1) The optimal processing range when processing the upper surface of the workpiece is shown in Figure 4.



2) The best processing range when processing the side surface of the workpiece is shown in Figure 5.