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Small space and economic thin steel metal sheet coil cut to length and slitting machine manufacture, factory and supplier China

Economic cut to length and slitting machine

The feature of this machine with small space occupied and economic cost for supplying the steel sheet material in metal work process factory.

With speed 10m/min for feeding, leveling, transverse cutting and slitting, it will satisfy the basic requirement for the small scale factory on the steel material supplying from 0.4mm to 1.5mm.

Minimum occupation space 10mX3m without necesary for making foundation, it is easy to be moved and installed.

One worker is able to operate the whole machine line.


small space cut to length slitting machine
small space cut to length slitting machine

Technical specification

Uncoiler (including a small trolley)

Function:Uncoiling and discharging

Structure:Hydraulic expansion type. The coil was sent into the unwinder reel and after the reel become tense, the auxiliary device will be supported. It is active rotation, with damping.

Main parameters:

load capacity  6t

Coil inner diameter  Φ450mm—600mm(including press sleeves)

Coil outer diameter   ≤Φ1500mm

Leveling machine

The levelling machine is installed at the rear of the guide device. The leveller adopts 5 rolls to level. The drive motor or the main drive motor is driven by the chain.

Shearing machine

Function:Cutting off the plate according to the length.

Structure:No scrap cutting;hydraulic steel drive;The machine needs to shut down while cutting off and then carry on.

Hydraulic pressure system

Function:Provide power for hydraulic cylinder of production line.

This set of hydraulic system is specially designed and manufactured for this production line. Different hydraulic components are used to realize different requirements of each hydraulic cylinder. The hydraulic system are designed specifically for special machine mode. The hydraulic pump uses special hydraulic control module, with fast cutting speed, low noise etc, and is equipped with cooler cooling to meet the needs of continuous production.

Electrical control system

Function: Using PLC control the automatic operation of the production line. The whole production line is divided into two modes: single mode and automatic mode. The single mode is used for debugging, which independently control the individual work of each unit, and automatic mode is the automatic operation during continuous production. The equipment can produce automatically without operation. The products length and specific adjustment are realized by using touch screen and digital display.

Layout of machine