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Double-Sided Color Steel Fiberglass Composite Air Duct

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:07/08/2020

Double-sided color steel fiberglass composite air duct: using ultra-long and ultra-fine centrifugal fiberglass, which is formed by special processing. Conventional grid: density 45-80kg/m³, total thickness of the plate is not less than 30mm, thickness of the inner and outer color steel plates is not less than 0.3mm, The overall combustion performance of the material reaches (gb8624-2012) a1 level, thermal conductivity ≤0.032w/m· K.

Because the composite glass fiber board interlayer is porous and lightweight material, with low thermal conductivity and large sound absorption coefficient, the glass fiber composite air duct has good thermal insulation and noise reduction performance; at the same time, the air duct has light material, short construction period, fire prevention (non-combustible) a1 level), moisture-proof, no harmful volatiles, beautiful appearance, long service life, low cost and so on.

Compared with the heat insulation of galvanized steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe, the glass fiber color steel composite air pipe can save more than 30% of the engineering cost, and does not include the cost of the discharge equipment. It is the most economical and suitable type of low and medium pressure air conditioning and ventilation system.