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Do You Know The Duct Manufacture Auto Line Supplier?

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:06/02/2020

We METMAC are specialized in the fabrication in the ducting machine, hydraulic swing beam shear, hydraulic press brake, slitting line machine, H beam welding machine manufacture and dealer in China.


Last year we fabricated 113 pcs of duct manufacture auto line in the market of China and international, in Chinese market our product mainly for the stainless steel air condition duct which is used for the subway ventilation, hospital ventilation and other area with high requirement of fresh air. We just supply the best quality of machine for your need. 


Besides of the auto line, we also producing the ducting machine such as Pittsburgh lock former, TDF flange machine, TDC flange machine, plasma cutting machine and other machines related, also the spiral tube former, hydraulic elbow machine and other machines related for the round ducting manufacturing.