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At present, cutting sheet material is an integral part of almost any production process. This group of equipment traditionally includes plasma cutting, laser cutting, and waterjet cutting.


Plasma cutting is a type of machining of materials by cutting, in which a plasma jet with a temperature of 5000 to 30000 ° C is used as a cutting tool.


The hydraulic shear cutting means cutting the material with steel blades controlled by hydraulic cylinders. It is the most common method to cut the steel sheet as particular dimensions and shapes.


Laser cutting is a raster material laser beam. Since its inception, lasers have proven themselves as ready-made solutions to "not yet known problems"! In industry, lasers, in addition to cutting metals, are actively used for welding and soldering parts and various materials.


The use in the modern industry of new innovative materials, as well as increasing the requirements for precision, quality, and cost-effectiveness of machining, also increase the requirements for machines for cutting sheet materials, since poorly manufactured equipment often negates the advantages of this or that technology.


It should be noted that each of the technologies for cutting sheet materials has certain advantages and disadvantages and when choosing equipment it is necessary to proceed from the specific task of production: the material to be processed, its structure, sheet thickness, the required cutting speed (based on economic efficiency), cutting accuracy, edge quality etc.