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Container corner welding robot programming

The workstation can weld two work pieces called upper pin and lower pin.
The brand of welding robot is OTC FD-B6 robot, OTC welder and accessories; automatic cleaning device; Equipped with single axis positioner and PLC control system, the welding fixture is made according to the workpiece process.
The work station uses manual worker position, manual transfer station and automatic robot welding.
The workpiece station is divided into two welding stations: station 1 mainly performs the positioning of the workpiece assembly and the welding of the divided parts, and the station 2 contains the positioner to perform the welding of assembly of the workpiece.
Different products should be combined with different accessories, and the corresponding positioning on the worktable and the positioner can be quickly replaced.
The equipment adopts human-machine interface operation, which can display the corresponding parameters of each station, and has alarm functions such as lack of materials, safety, quality, equipment failure.


Container corner welding robot
Container corner welding robot
Container corner welding robot
Container corner welding robot
Container corner welding robot