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Cold Roll Forming Is A New Process And Technology

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:12/17/2019

Cold roll forming is a new process and technology of metal sheet material saving, energy saving and high efficiency. By using this process, not only high-quality steel products can be produced, but also the product development cycle can be shortened and production efficiency can be improved, thereby improving the market competitiveness of enterprises.

In the past half century, cold-bending forming has developed into the most effective sheet metal forming technology. 35% to 45% of the strip rolled in North America is processed by cold-bending forming, which is more than the steel used in the automotive industry.

In recent years, cold-formed steel products have been widely used as important structural parts in many fields such as construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics industry and machinery manufacturing. Its products range from ordinary guide rails, doors and windows and other structural parts to some special profiles made for special purposes, with a wide range of types. The cross-section performance per unit weight of cold-formed steel is better than that of hot-rolled steel products, and has high surface finish and dimensional accuracy. Therefore, replacing cold-rolled steel with hot-rolled steel can achieve the dual effect of saving steel and energy. The development of curved steel has been given great attention. It is users' constant desire for the variety, specifications, and quality of cold-formed steel products that promote the rapid development of cold-formed forming technology.


Cold roll forming machine, steel ball slide machine roll design and manufacturing features:

1. The principle of average load for each pass, the average load of the rollers across the line, the wear is balanced, and the service life of the roll is extended.

2. The roll adopts C12MoV material to take advantage of its wear resistance, but the specific strength and hardness are contradictory. The red hardness of C12MoV is used during heat treatment. After quenching, the hardness can be reached by two or even three tempering.

3. The arc part of the track is the core part of the slide rail. The arc positions after the first several passes are formed. When the vertical edges are rolled in the subsequent passes, the formed arc should be protected by the upper and lower rolls or horizontal wheels for effective tube bundle protection. Otherwise, the arc position will definitely change during the stretching process. R becomes smaller to become a triangle, and the steel ball is not at the end. Two-point contact will generate noise. When R becomes larger, the matching track will sway, and the track will be blurred during use. Uneven force, deformation of the slide rail, shortened life.

4. The stability of rolling. The problem of material swaying left and right in the raceway is often encountered in production. In fact, a single set of rollers is subject to asymmetry, the left side is subject to large forces, and the material is deflected to the right.