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Air duct is a piping system for air transport and distribution. The duct made of galvanized steel and stainless steel duct is made of sealant (such as neutral glass glue) in the gaps such as bite seam, rivet joint and flange.Surface dust and oil should be removed before applying sealant. According to the cross-sectional shape, the air duct can be divided into a circular duct, a rectangular duct, a flat duct, and the like, where in the circular duct has the smallest resistance but the largest dimension and is complicated to manufacture.Therefore, the application is mainly based on rectangular ducts. According to the material, the air duct can be divided into a metal duct, a composite duct, and a polymer duct.

The air duct manufacture machines are specially designed for the fabrication of air conditional duct such as spiral duct and rectangular duct. METMAC supply you all the solution for the duct manufacturing for complete your factory.As your request for the capacity of production, we offer you the small, media and fully automatic production of air duct to meet your requirement of capacity.

Commonly used HVAC air ducts and accessories processing and manufacture machinery can be processed according to rectangular air ducts and accessories or circular duct and accessories processing configuration, generally suitable for the thickness less than 1.2mm. The basic machine list as follows:

Duct Manufacture Auto Production Line

Duct manufacture auto production line is designed for medium to large volume workshops and is used to work with the coiled metal with weighting up to 6 tons, thickness up to 1,2 mm and minimal duct size 160x160 mm . The machine provides high efficiency production of straights air ducts. The production process can be managed by one operator. The quantity and the parameters of the required products are programed directly through the Touch Screen of the controller with a convenient and easy to manage interface. Duct manufacture auto production line has a modular design which allows to use it in different configurations: feeding & straightening of the coiled metal, bending, punching, cutting-to-length, Pittsburgh forming, TDF flange, “C” flange, angle iron flange forming, duct folding and closing.

Pittsburgh Lock Former

Pittsburgh Lock Former with stations is a multi-functional machine for varying uses in the HVAC ducting industry. It is designed for the formation of different types of seams, which are used in the manufacture of rectangular and round ducts, chimneys, gutters. The rolls are made from the highest quality case-hardened special steel and can be easily changed. LC-12DR , this 7 forming station Pittsburgh Lock Former with 6 forming positions, Pittsburgh Lock, Double Seam (ACME), Right Angle Flange, Drive Cleat with slitter, standing seam and Power Flanger. LC-12M, this 8 forming station Pittsburgh Lock Former with 4 forming positions, Pittsburgh Lock, Double Seam (ACME), “S” Cleat and Drive Cleat. Standing Seam and T connection are optional. LC-12E, this 7 forming station Pittsburgh Lock Former with 2 forming positions, Female Button Lock and Male Button Lock.


TDF Flange Roll Forming Machine

Rollforming your own TDF flanges with 16 forming stations on transverse duct ends during the manufacturing process has never been easier. The TDF flange, per Duct Construction Standard specifications, is formed on the machine’s right-hand, TDF Clip is formed on another side. 

TDC Flange Roll Forming

Machine Roll forming your own TDC flanges with 18 forming stations on transverse duct ends during the manufacturing process has never been easier. The TDC flange, per Duct Construction Standard specifications, is formed on the machine started from decoiler, feeder, roll forming machine, cutting machine and stacking device automatically.


Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma cutting machine for HVAC duct fabrication especially. It is capable of cutting galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Plasma cutting machine consist of operation system and special duct design software. All special design duct are available in the software and produced easily by setting the dimension of duct.


Spiral Tube Former

Spiral Tube former 1602 is professional for making straight round duct. It can greatly increase the production efficiency. It is working combine with round pipe elbow making machine, Seam welding machine, Angle iron round rolling machine and Three roller bending machine can making any type round duct easily.


Round Elbow Making Machine Gorelocker

Round duct elbow machine is professional for making galvanized round duct elbow. It can greatly increase the production efficiency. This machine combine with our Spiral tube forming machine,Seam welding machine,Angle iron round rolling machine and Three roller bending machine can making any type round duct easily.