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Air duct is a piping system for air transport and distribution. The duct made of galvanized steel and stainless steel duct is made of sealant (such as neutral glass glue) in the gaps such as bite seam, rivet joint and flange.Surface dust and oil should be removed before applying sealant. According to the cross-sectional shape, the air duct can be divided into a circular duct, a rectangular duct, a flat duct, and the like, where in the circular duct has the smallest resistance but the largest dimension and is complicated to manufacture.Therefore, the application is mainly based on rectangular ducts. According to the material, the air duct can be divided into a metal duct, a composite duct, and a polymer duct.

The air duct manufacture machines are specially designed for the fabrication of air conditional duct such as spiral duct and rectangular duct. METMAC supply you all the solution for the duct manufacturing for complete your factory.As your request for the capacity of production, we offer you the small, media and fully automatic production of air duct to meet your requirement of capacity.