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How many kinds of industrial robotic did we create now?

  • source:metmac;
  • Time:11/02/2018
Industrial robotics technology is going crazy. There are 4 types of industrial robotic control systems.

1.Limited Sequence Robots

They are integrated with the mechanical stops and restrict switches for figuring out the finishing points of its joints. These industrial robots do now not require any kind of programming

2.Playback Robots with Point – Point Control

This has obtained the capability to tour from one position to another. The preferred paths are taught and stored in the memory. These industrial robotic do no longer go from the favored region for controlling its path. It can be moved to a small distance only with the assist of programming.

3.Playback Robots with Continuous Path Control

This type of industrial robots can manage the course and can quit any exact position. These robots usually go in the straight line. The initial, and closing point is first described with the aid of the programmer, and the control unit defines the character joints

4.Intelligent Robots

The intelligent robots can play back the defined motion, and can also work according to their environment. It uses a digital pc as a controller. The sensor is incorporated in these robots for receiving the facts at some point of the process.


There are many microcontrollers of more than a few size and capability. Like vehicles, there are plenty of microcontrollers. You pick out what is without difficulty on hand in your city and the place you can get support. The ordinary reply may want to be begun with Arduino. In all probability, this will be reachable in your city. I additionally recommend this as your first task - easy and easy, but very interesting.

I get into a tizzy over how humans use these words sometimes. A microcontroller is typically smaller than a microprocessor and more powerful. However, some of the microcontrollers these days are the rival microprocessors of the past. At least in clock speed, though the reminiscence is commonly limited. The Arduino microcontrollers only have a couple of K of memory, and possibly a K of EEPROM.
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